FireFighters work in hazardous environments. Modern materials used for building homes and home furnishings burn with high levels of toxic chemicals; many of which are known carcinogens. FireFighters and first responders are also routinely exposed to diesel particulate and carbon monoxide as apparatus are frequently started inside fire stations when responding. These exposures are a cumulative and over a career present a significantly higher risk of a cancer diagnosis.

The Brave Enough to Wear Pink foundation was created and established to provide relief to FireFighters and First Responders dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis. The foundation was established in 2012 by Chief Darren Stevens.  In 2018 Chief Stevens provided IAFF Local 3762 with the opportunity to assume command of the foundation.

We are looking forward to new raising money for this foundation and find opportunities to support FireFighters and first responders in Fauquier County and the region.

“Are YOU Brave Enough?”

The “Brave Enough to Wear Pink” campaign serves to support and uplift our local public safety brothers and sisters battling cancer by raising money to help offset the financial burden of medical treatment. Even hero’s need help! #BE2WP