Movember Mustache Competition

We have finished up the month of October with a display of pink shirts while on duty and managed to raise some money and awareness in the process. The Month of November is about us Highlighting cancers associated with men and our profession. We are having a competition for mustaches and three different categories. Check out each category and then submit your entry! Prizes will be announced at our Holiday Banquet in December.

From Bruce Willis to Tom Selleck

You will have two submissions. The first will be on November 1 with a clean shave. The second will be on November 30th. The person voted with the best mustache will be the winner. Winners will be announced at our holiday banquet coming in December.

The Burt Reynolds

This year we have lost a man that was known to have a terrific mustache at times. We recognize that with the Burt Reynolds Competition. If you already have or wear a mustache you may submit a photo with your best looking soup strainer. We will announce the winner at our holiday banquet coming in December.

Most likely to be tracked by state police.

This award will be presented from the other submissions. We enjoy raising awareness for our cause and appreciate everyone involved. We will just make sure that the winner of this award has checked in their location with their parole officer!