We know that money and finances present stress to our lives. The Smart Dollar Program gives you the opportunity to advance and grow your finances in a healthy way. This will help you endure emergencies that will happen to our lives. While the program is primarily online, we know that connecting with people is an important part of the process. This gives us a chance to be in the company of people experiencing the same stresses and work together to overcome financial struggles.

We have 4 workshops that will give you that chance to meet up. Each one is about an hour long and we are offering two dates for each. We want to see you and be able to answer questions directly.  Making plans are easy to say but much more difficult to do. You aren’t alone. We are here to help you work through them!

General Wellness workshop will be held at Marshall Rescue Squad (8472 West Main Street, Marshall, VA 20115). Please complete the registration, download the forms, and complete the worksheet prior to the workshop. We have scheduled an hour for the course.

General Wellness Workshop Files

Smart Dollar General Wellness Workshop
We just need to know how many chairs to set up.
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