4th Quarter 2018 Membership Meeting

Annual Election of L3762 Officers results are as follows

President: Isaiah Kehle

Vice President: Jordan Coleman

Treasurer: Rodney Greenwood

Secretary: Brian Latham

Executive Board: Scott Chamberlin, Matt Nugent, Mark Klinkenberger

Motions Made and the Results

Local 3762 received applications for membership from Michael Shea and Adam Glaze. They are outside of the window described in the by-laws regarding eligibility to join and the associated back dues.

A Motion was made by Brother Matt Wyne and second by Brother Zach Fowler to waive the back dues.

The motion was passed unanimously.

Last year in December Local 3762 took an opportunity to help a family in need that was in the community. We have been contacted by Toys for Tots organization asking if we would be interested in participating in the event again this year. This was a widely popular event that had a large number in attendance.

A motion was made as proposed by President Kehle to host the event for a second year. A motion was made by Brother Tyler Lonas and Second by Brother Zach Fowler that we host the event and that Local 3762 match member donations up to $500.

Discussion: We had designated funds from the Gun raffle event to provide a funding source to this event. We are asking for additional funds to be contributed by members and that Local 3762 would match up to the amount of $500 total. A link for online donations will be provided to streamline the process for receiving donations. The link will also be advertised through social media to raise additional money.

The motion passed unanimously.

President Kehle is requesting the purchase of an IPad Pro to utilize for Local business. He has been using his personal laptop since being involved with the Local which is due to be replaced and wearing down. A Motion was made by Brother Brandon Frederick and second by Brother Alex Stroop to allow the purchase of the IPad Pro not to exceed $800.

Discussion: President Kehle advised that the iPad is the property of the Local and would be returned to the Local upon his departure or made available to purchase at fair market value.

The Motion Passed with one member abstaining from a vote.